OtE Secretary

Front view showing secretary style desk with upper case

Decorative veneer, selected for its fluid patterns, runs from the top of the desk's upper cabinet to the surface of the desk and on down the right leg, evoking a sense of water. Fitted with over a dozen hand-built drawers, the piece provides ample storage. The central opening of the cabinet is the right size for a laptop computer, and the back panel of the cabinet is slotted to allow a power cord to pass through.

Detail view of leg intersecting veneer of desk surface

The intent here is to balance simplicity and complexity.  The flush edges, flared base, and the subtle inward curve of the upper case create an overall shape that deviates just a bit from square.  The array of drawers, handles, and veneer patterns, on the other hand, provide a more intricate visual result.

Detail of hand cut drawer dovetails


  • Wenge
  • Burl Chestnut
  • White Oak
  • Brass


  • Mortise-and-tenon
  • Frame-and-panel
  • Dovetail
  • Veneer


  • Book Matched Veneers
  • Wood Handle


  • Conversion Varnish