OtE Cabinet

Front view of dark wenge cabinet with light chestnut top

Designed to house a small stereo system and record collection (Records? What are those?), this moderately sized piece could also serve as a buffet or storage cabinet. The integral top features a decorative veneer that is cut, after assembly, to run into matching veneers that cover two sides of one leg.

Closeup of veneer treatment of leg intersecting top

A combination of solid wenge and wenge veneer is used to construct the cabinet.  The chestnut on the top and left leg is all veneer.  The drawer boxes and interior pieces are made with white oak.

Brass loop handle used on a drawer


  • Wenge
  • Burl Chestnut
  • White Oak
  • Brass


  • Mortise-and-tenon
  • Frame-and-panel
  • Veneer


  • Book Matched Veneers


  • Conversion Varnish